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Dramatic flourish

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Splashbacks that inject a vibrant shot of colour into the decor are available from Glass Solutions

Dramatic flourish


In addition to being a functional item, a splashback can also be a visual focal point in the kitchen. Their proximity to heat means they must be made from strong, enduring products, but this needn't hinder creative expression.

Glass is a robust, flexible material that offers a luminous surface and is available in the full spectrum of colours. Glass Solutions are able to offer splashbacks in any hue, shape or size, says director Danielle Cooper.

"Glass splashbacks can be as bold or as subtle as you want. You don't just have to settle for functionality, it is possible to create a visual feature in the room."

In addition to their aesthetic application, glass splashbacks are easy to clean. As they are cut into a single sheet, dirt and dust isn't trapped between surfaces.

Glass Solutions employ qualified tradespeople who are able to custom-fit and install splashbacks, says Cooper.


"Our staff are experienced and have an understanding of the properties of glass."

Splashbacks from Glass Solutions meet the NZ Safety standards for installation behind electric and gas hobs. In addition to kitchens, glass splashbacks can be installed in laundries and bathrooms.

For details, contact Glass Solutions, Unit 1B, 9 Tait Place, Albany, Auckland, phone (09) 448 1025, fax (09) 448 1027. Email: .

First published date: 05 July 2005

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