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Double comfort

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Enjoying a fire from two rooms at the same time is possible with a Through Wall fire from Real Fires

Double comfort


Traditionally, open fires add warmth and atmosphere to our living areas in winter ... and gather dust during the summer months.

However, with a Through Wall fire from Real Fires, you can enjoy your open fire from inside your home in the winter and from a courtyard in the summer. Alternatively, these innovative fires can be enjoyed simultaneously in two areas.

Through Wall fires are open on one side and have a clear glass window on the other side. The fire surrounds can be finished in brushed stainless or black trim, and can have a modern or classic grate on the open side. These options can be mixed and matched between sides.

Designed for new timber frame situations only, these fires require no additional fireproofing around the box, as they are supplied with an insulated kit to maximise safety and performance.

There is a performance differential between the open side and glass side of the fire, with the open side outputting approximately 70% of the heat. And to ensure the indoor area is completely sealed from the elements, the Through Wall fire is doubled glazed on the outside wall.


For more information, contact Real Fires, Unit C, 234 Archers Rd, Glenfield, Auckland, phone (09) 444 7331, fax (09) 444 7335. .

First published date: 22 September 2003

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