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This home presents many different faces to the neighbouring buildings in a balance of privacy and liveability

The street view of the home reveals the 'fat roof'


Architect: BOarch
Photographer: Emma Cross
About the project: Roof house is a project in dialogue with its surrounding context. It presents many different faces to the neighbouring buildings, speaking of the varying conditions of street, view and backyard.

The street façade, is the public face of the building, respectful to the owner’s desire for privacy it is both a fortress and a teasing curiosity.

Situated on a sloping block with vistas to the Barrabool Hills, this residence was designed to maximise views, light and space within a definitive budget. No space was wasted in this project, the building has been planned efficiently to create a generous home within a compact footprint.

Facing the view, a large open space contains the living, dining and kitchen. Directly off these spaces and disguised through the “fat wall” are the bedrooms and bathrooms. The fat wall houses storage, open shelving and the kitchen, separating the programs without wasting space on corridors.


First published date: 14 September 2017

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