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Dark Resene colours bring a modern touch to commercial premises

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Warm and welcoming, with a touch of industrial chic, the new retail premises for optometrist Insight Eyecare feature semi-industrial finishes by Resene

Dark Resene colours bring a modern touch to commercial premises


If any company is in tune with the effects of light and colour on a workplace environment then it's likely to be a professional optometrist.

The brief from Insight Eyecare to Ignite Architects – Interiors was to create a retail concept different to any other optometrist offering in the market. It needed to be warm, inviting, and feel hand-crafted, with a hint of industrial charm. The main focus was to be on the products, not the eye-testing services.

A strong component is the use of oak in the shopfront, joinery and bulkhead, with the natural fragrance of wood helping put customers at ease.

Industrial touches include the choice of antique bronze hardware on all joinery and a prominent use of concrete and reclaimed weatherboard shelves.

One of the main features of the fit-out is the Resene New Denim Blue (charcoal blue) walls, which give the feel of an industrial colour palette.


The recessed ceiling is painted in Resene Gravel (dark grey) to accentuate the ceiling height. This has a warm grey tone, which works well with the overall material palette. Resene Thorndon Cream (understated neutral) and Resene Double Thorndon Cream (antique white) offer neutral complementary colours in areas such as the consulting rooms, pre-screening rooms and staff kitchen – where spaces need to feel lighter and brighter.

General walls are finished in Resene Lumbersider for its tough finish and Environmental Choice approval.

This project won the Resene Total Colour Commercial Interior Retail Colour Maestro Award. The judges said: Strong colour works well with the timber, for a clinical yet relaxing feel. The softened industrial colour palette is velvety and welcoming.

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First published date: 10 May 2016

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