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Daily gymnasium cleaning by specialist commercial cleaner Cleancorp

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One of 15 Snap Fitness gymnasiums cleaned daily by commercial cleaning specialists Cleancorp

Daily gymnasium cleaning by specialist commercial cleaner Cleancorp


Someone who cares about fitness will also care about having a clean gymnasium to work out in. From equipment and floors to showers and toilets, a gym has to be a paragon of cleanliness.

Snap Fitness, a rapidly expanding international fitness franchise, already has 18 compact 24/7 centres with state-of-the-art equipment located throughout the city, from Mt Albert to Albany. Regional manager Brendan Hurrell says spotless environments are central to the club's brand appeal, and Snap Fitness had already trialled six other companies before trying out Cleancorp.

"Cleancorp demonstrates a level of cleaning that accurately reflects our brand – that is all floors, surfaces, equipment, and bathrooms are delivered to the highest possible standard."

Building on this proven success, Cleancorp now cleans 15 of the 18 Auckland franchises, six days a week, to tight time requirements. It hopes to add the other three gyms to its rounds soon.

The company follows best cleaning practices and uses only non-toxic, biodegradable products for a greener, healthier indoor environment.



First published date: 08 December 2014

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