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Crisp and bright

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Ideal temperature and humidity levels ensure fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products are kept at optimum freshness in Liebherr's BioFresh refrigerators

Crisp and bright


Vegetables and fruit that are kept fresh will not only taste better, but also retain more of the essential vitamins needed for a healthy diet.

BioFresh technology keeps the temperature of Liebherr refrigerators at a level just above 0°C, ideal for freshness. Specific humidity levels can also be set for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, says Liebherr's Frank Assfalg.

"These temperature and humidity levels mean that food will retain its freshness and colour for up to three times longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment."

Liebherr's PremiumPlus models also have design advantages, such as LED light columns, which uniformly illuminate the interior of the refrigerator. The easy-to-clean glass shelves can be rearranged to store tall bottles or a large cake if required.

Freezer drawers are fully transparent to allow for a quick view of the contents. They can also be lifted out easily using side handles. Additionally, Liebherr's IceMaker provides the appropriate supply of ice cubes for any occasion.


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First published date: 28 July 2008

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