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Create a cosy corner

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A warm fire needs to be more than decorative when your home is nestled among the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps

Create a cosy corner


Very often, a fireplace in a home has a twofold purpose. As well as warming your living areas, the image of gently flickering flames adds a cosy ambience.

All the fires from Fires By Design are created by qualified engineers to suit local conditions. Whether your home is near the sea with its salty breezes, or surrounded by snow in the Southern Alps, Fires By Design has a model to meet your needs.

New Zealand owned and operated, the company includes both open wood and gas fires in its selection. The team at Fires By Design is always available to help you choose the best possible fire to suit the size of your home, as well as your heating and aesthetic requirements. In addition to offering a range of standard models, designers are able to create a fire to suit your particular needs.

Fires By Design has been supplying Warmington fires in New Zealand for more than 10 years, and takes pride in its quality, cost-effective heating solutions.

For the address of your local retailer, contact Warmington Industries, or visit the showroom at 47 Sir William Ave, East Tamaki, PO Box 58652, Botany 2163, Auckland, phone (09) 273 9227, fax (09) 271 0894. Email: .


First published date: 29 September 2009

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