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Cool efficiency

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Refrigeration experts at White Refrigeration created a custom solution for a retail application

Cool efficiency


Wine plays an integral role in many cultures around the world, with ample evidence to suggest wine production dates back 8000 years.

Given this long-standing association, it is not surprising that we continue to enjoy wine in times of celebration and as an accompaniment to our evening meal.

Similarly, the storage of wine is an area that has drawn much attention, with modern systems now able to control temperature and humidity reliably and accurately, says Paul Grbich, sales manager for White Refrigeration.

"Wine can be a precious commodity – under the right conditions, it will only increase in value. That's why White Refrigeration calls on more than 45 years' experience to custom design each system, from multi-unit commercial applications to more modest systems for home storage."

Measurements gathered during comprehensive on-site evaluations are output to specific programs designed to determine the exact level of refrigeration required to maintain an optimum environment.


"All equipment is sourced from global leaders in the field, and White Refrigeration builds each unit to the specifications," says Grbich.

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First published date: 26 January 2012

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