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Contemporary master suite with privacy wall separating spaces

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Modern master suite with concrete floors, plaster walls, brass feature tiles and warm wood cabinetry

Contemporary master suite with privacy wall separating spaces Discover this article's resources 0


An architect looks at an interior project from many angles. As well as ensuring a bedroom and bathroom work well together, the design might celebrate the good bones of the home – or even provide a nod to the house next door.

This master suite does just that. It forms part of a contemporary house with a warehouse-style sawtooth roof. The high, raking ceiling over the bedroom and bathroom references this iconic roof form and prompted architect Joe Chindarsi to keep the room as one space.

"Retaining the one, large volume made it easier to appreciate the ceiling form and make the wider aesthetic connection," says Chindarsi.

"So for privacy, we introduced a central cabinet-vanity element as a divider. Up-lighting in this freestanding wall further accentuates the sloping ceiling and provides ambient light to both areas."

The design optimises light play between the rooms and creates a sense of space.


Materials and textural contrast were an important part of the design," says Chindarsi. "For example, the Tasmanian blackwood cabinetry brings warmth to the space, and plays off the cooler stone and concrete elements."

"The floors are concrete, while black-flamed and brushed granite on the walls and floors of the shower provide a textural, non-slip surface."

"Lighting is also integrated into a niche in the shower. This highlights a brass mosaic tile that lines the back of the niche, providing accents of colour, texture and scale. The same tile is seen on the vanity splashback, and the use of brass is continued in the basin mixer and spout, integrating these elements."

The mosaics are also a reference to the Art Deco style of the neighbouring Californian bungalow at the front of the property, as are the Bianco Carrara tiles lining the sides of the niche.

The island bath and Boffi air ceiling fans act as organic sculptural elements within the space. In addition, sheer curtains and the light play from laser-cut operable screens in the bedroom help to soften the aesthetic.

First published date: 30 June 2015

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Credit List

Architect Joe Chindarsi, Chindarsi Architects (Perth, WA)
Vanity cabinetry Custom by Drage Furniture
Benchtop and basin Staron Solid Surface
Bath Clearwater Formoso from Reece Plumbing
Taps and shower fittings Astra Walker from Sea of White
Accessories Strap from Rogerseller
Flooring Black granite, flamed and brushed, from Granite & Stone Gallery; concrete, Ardex Pandomo Loft by Ardex
Wallcoverings Allduro Uno Grigio polished plaster from Concrete Mode
Tiles Bianco Carrara marble and white ceramic from Original Ceramics; brass deco mosaics from Alloy Design
Lighting LED strip lighting from Lighting Options Australia; Hunza Euro Steplight from Radiant Lighting; Deltalight Femtoline 25 from Inlite
Ventilation Fantech inline system
Hot water systems Chromagen with gas boosting
Blinds Block-out blinds from Leslies Curtains
Drapes Sheer curtains from Leslies Curtains