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Contemporary Lockwood home with solid timber walls

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Lockwood home with cedar cladding, solid blonded timber walls and ceiling, built by La Grouw Builders

Contemporary Lockwood home with solid timber walls


There are many ways to look for design inspiration when you are about to build a new home, but the owners of this house took a less-typical option.

Bill and Janet Taylor of Nelson flew to Auckland, hired a campervan and undertook a tour of Lockwood homes. They looked at custom-built homes and show villages, and formulated their own plans for their hilltop site back home.

Their new Lockwood house was built by La Grouw Builders, to their specifications. Director Andrew La Grouw says the home, which is built on solid rock, was designed to frame the 270° views.

"All the main rooms, including the large, open-plan living area capture the spectacular views in three directions," he says. "The house also has a strong indoor-outdoor connection, so again the views can be maximised."

The exterior of the home is clad in cedar wood, while the interior features solid blonded pine timber walls and ceilings, which follow the gabled roofline. The visual impact of the blonded timber is particularly noticeable in the entry, which features a double-height void that creates a sense of arrival.


Bill and Janet Taylor enjoy all the other benefits that are associated with a Lockwood home as well. For example, weather extremes are not a worry – the home is well insulated and benefits from passive solar gain in winter.

The interlocking construction system has proven durability, and helps to make the home earthquake resistant. And because the wood helps the house to breathe, the interior provides an especially comfortable living environment.

The owners say the whole experience of designing and building their own home has been invaluable.

"Right from the start, when we were doing our research, the Lockwood people were very helpful," says Bill Taylor. "We learned all about the way Lockwood homes are built. And throughout the building process, it seemed as though nothing was ever a problem – the design team just made it happen."

All the Lockwood Homes franchise operations offer a similar design and build service, whereby clients can choose exactly how they want their home to look.

For details, contact La Grouw Builders, 30 Beach Rd, Richmond, Nelson 7020, phone (03) 544 6322. Or for details of your nearest franchisee, phone 0508 LOCKWOOD (5625 9663).

First published date: 28 June 2014

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