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Contemporary home with flush windows and 12m-wide opening with stacker doors

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Modern house features Fairview Architectural windows that appear frameless, and large stacker doors with flush tracks

Contemporary home with flush windows and 12m-wide opening with stacker doors


There's a certain drama about a black house. The strong colour palette is often teamed with bold architecture, with each reinforcing the other.

That is exactly how it is for this contemporary home designed by Anthony Hoete of WHAT Architecture.

The exterior features black walls angled on slightly different planes, with windows that appear as large cut-outs.

Phill Brangwynne of Elite Window Solutions, which supplied custom aluminium joinery from Fairview Systems' Architectural suite, says the composition is enhanced by windows that appear to be frameless.

"There is almost no framing showing, so the windows appear as glass panels within the wall. This was made possible by the low-profile frame that is hidden within the walls. This gives the illusion that there is no frame at all."


Similarly, the 12m-wide, full-height stacking doors that open up the living area to the outdoors glide on a track that is flush with the floor. This reinforces the seamless link between inside and out.

Other joinery included a large skylight above the master bathroom.

Brangwynne says all the doors and windows were built on site, and special custom flashings were shaped to the profile of the weatherboards.

"This was definitely the most challenging job our team has worked on. The success of the project is a true testament to the capability of the Fairview joinery product, and the knowledge of our team."

For more information on Fairview Systems, phone (09) 574 2900. Or visit the .

For more details on this project, contact Elite Window Solutions, Unit 7, 9-23 Morrison Dr, Warkworth 0910, phone (09) 422 2020.

First published date: 15 July 2015

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