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Contemporary contrast

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For maximum impact, this kitchen features a stainless steel-covered island, benchtop, rangehood and drawers manufactured by SJ Crosbie Stainless Steel

Contemporary contrast


Using a simple material palette in the kitchen often has more of an impact than a complicated mix of surfaces and finishes.

The owner of this kitchen wanted it to have a strong, contemporary look, and he liked the sharp contrast between stainless steel and dark charcoal timber cabinetry. To achieve this look, the kitchen features stainless steel benchtops, island, drawer fronts, and rangehood – all in a satin finish – and a handmade stainless bowl. These were all made by stainless steel benchtop manufacturer SJ Crosbie Stainless Steel to the specifications of designer Robyn Labb of Kitchens By Design.

"The island bench is really a large block with stainless steel wrapping around the top and down the front and sides. Such a design is difficult to make, as the mitreing and welding has to be perfect to ensure a smooth surface, which is why we used Crosbie Stainless Steel," says Labb.

SJ Crosbie Stainless Steel handmade bowls are available in textured, as well as classic polished finishes, with tight radiused corners made to the size you require. Satin, classic and textured benches, including Linen Coil, Leather Coil, Mirage, Checked Coil and Flax Coil, are displayed as full-sized benches in the showroom.

For details or to make an appointment to visit the showroom, contact SJ Crosbie Stainless Steel, phone (09) 634 4557. .


First published date: 07 March 2008

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