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This master suite doesn't pull any punches when it comes to open-plan design – even dispensing with the concept of separate wardrobe space

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While most of us enjoy the advantages of open-plan kitchen and living areas, we may still be hesitant about going down the same track for our bedrooms and bathrooms. But that wasn't a concern for the owners of the master suite shown here.

The suite is on the upper floor of a contemporary tropical home by architect John Bulcock. And, as with the house itself, the clients were happy to push the design boundaries, especially when it came to degrees of transparency and openness.

"It's connected spatially and visually to the rest of the house," says Bulcock. "You can see it from the ground level when you enter, and you can look down from it to the rest of the house."

This openness also applies to the design of the suite itself, which forgoes the usual division of bedroom, bathroom and closet/dressing room.

"From the start, the client didn't want to have enclosed spaces, but just wanted everything in the open," says Bulcock.


Most unusually, this applies to the way clothes are stored. Instead of a separate dressing room or walk-in wardrobe, storage is provided by an orderly display of white boxes on double wooden shelves that run along the length of one wall of the suite.

The shelves are attached to the room's steel column supports, and bars running between them allow for clothes to be hung up too – though the owners are currently not using them for this purpose. Plus one set of shelves on the opposite wall is used as a study area.

By combining the headboard with the vanity as a freestanding unit, the design maintains the open feel, while still giving a sense of visual division between the bedroom and bathroom areas.

Meanwhile, the toilet and shower are enclosed within a glass box and accessed through two sliding glass panels.

First published date: 07 September 2016

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Credit List

Architect John Bulcock, Design Unit
Builder Indacon
Flooring Polished concrete
Cabinetry Korus Interiors
Shower enclosure Korus Interiors
Shower fittings and taps Toto
Bath Toto
Basin Toto
Toilet Toto
Blinds RB Fabrica, Moonlight Industries