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Contemporary acoustic ceiling tiles help create quiet office spaces and meeting rooms

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Armstrong Ultima ceiling tiles, supplied by Forman Building Systems, provided acoustic control and increased brightness in the Sistema offices

Contemporary acoustic ceiling tiles help create quiet office spaces and meeting rooms


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High quality office space, such as that found in the Sistema building, delivers key health and productivity benefits to staff – these include plenty of natural light and also quiet working conditions.

To create quiet office spaces at Sistema, Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects specified Armstrong Ultima ceiling tiles, supplied by Forman Building Systems. These were used throughout the office fit-out, meeting rooms included.

Elena Skhodtseva, specification manager at Forman Building Systems, says the ceiling tile was ideal for this fit-out for several reasons.

"Ultima tiles with their high sound absorption qualities provide perfect acoustical balance for these open-plan office environments," says Skhodtseva. "They also improve room-to-room or space-to-space privacy, making them suitable for the meeting rooms, too."

Sistema is also a company with an emphasis on sustainability, so the tile's green credentials were another positive. These include the GreenTag and Cradle to Cradle Certified for WELL Building Standard and Green Star accreditation.

And while ceiling tiles don't suffer from much direct contact, they're designed and manufactured to stand up to any bumps and knocks that may occur. The tiles feature a DuraBrite-reinforced, scratch-resistant face with a ‘vacuum paint – hard edge' treatment for easier handling and a longer life. They also boast Humiguard Plus RH99 sag resistance.

"In addition, Ultima tiles also enhance natural light in the Sistema offices," says Skhodtseva. "Their smooth white surface and high light-reflective finish results in overall brighter spaces."

Armstrong Ultima ceiling tiles come with a range of edge details to suit every project. The versatile tiles also featured in the new Datacom building.

For details, contact Forman Building Systems, phone 0800 45 4000, or for architectural support: Auckland – Elena Skhodtseva on 027 205 2713, Wellington – Steve Tobin on 027 435 5129Hamilton – Daniel Gibb on 027 492 2931, Christchurch – Thomas Birchfield on 027 432 3242. Email:, web:


First published date: 26 September 2017

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