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Completely floored

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If you're looking for durable, customised carpet for your next commercial project, go no further than the technology available from Feltex

Completely floored


Your choice of flooring is always going to depend on the kind of usage the location can expect. In the case of a function centre, a highly durable commercial carpet is a must.

At The Big Group, located at Champions Events Centre, Federation Square, Melbourne, Paparazzi, a 100% Solutia Ultron® carpet from Feltex Stile™ was used for this reason.

Interior designer, Miriam Fanning of Mim Design, says she initially chose the carpet for its aesthetic value.

"It looks fabulous, and that was an important factor in a place where large parties are constantly being held. The fact that it performed extremely well was a bonus," Fanning says.

Paparazzi by Feltex Stile is a nylon fibre carpet that has a high resistance to crushing, matting, wear, soil, stains and static. And, because it maintains contemporary styling, it appropriate for use in all types of commercial buildings.


The modular carpet has an Ecologix™ cushioned backing providing comfort underfoot. Ecologix is the first modular carpet product to be 100% recyclable.

The carpet tiles at The Big Group were laid on a quarter turn to produce a chequerboard effect. This not only added visual interest, says the designer, but means if a section is spoilt with a food or wine spillage, it can easily be replaced.

The colour used here was Little Black Dress. There are 12 earthy shades available in the collection, ranging from Bamboo to metallic blue.

The life-time warranty states that Solutia Ultron Nylon 6.6 will retain at least 90% of its pile fibre for the useful life of the carpet.

Melbourne's Law Institute features a Feltex e)scapes™ custom design carpet, which was created using Digituft™ – advanced carpet-making technology.

This process is at the forefront of computer controlled tufting technology. The precision control allows for previously unachievable clarity in patterns or texture. It can even reproduce photographic-like images or corporate logos.

Architect for the Law Institute, Tim Hurburgh saw the e)scapes and Digituft at a Feltex product launch and says he was impressed by the new technology. So much so, that he specified it immediately.

"We had a large floor plate and long corridors in a highly occupied space with heavy foot traffic. The ability to introduce a dynamic product that would wear well and have a constantly changing appearance was an attractive one," he says.

The colours were chosen to complement the office's design, and highly abstract pictures were distorted and transferred digitally to achieve the desired effect.

As the first application of the e)scapes Digituft technology, hand trials and broadloom quality trials were undertaken until the design was perfected. And, Hurburgh says, it has achieved exactly what they had hoped.

"It's visually striking, affordable and advantageous in a high traffic area," he says the architect.

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First published date: 10 December 2004

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