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Compact cuisine

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Designed with versatility in mind, the Gallery Collection offersmodern styling and space-saving solutions for apartment living

Compact cuisine


To escape the maintenance requirements of larger homes and sections, more and more people are adopting the apartment lifestyle so popular in European cities. Often that means smaller living areas and more compact kitchens, making the efficient use of space a necessity.

Catering to this need, the Electrolux Gallery Collection offers a selection of built-in, space-saving appliances designed for executive kitchens and apartments of all sizes.

The Collection has a modern, minimalist look, consistently styled using the latest materials, such as aluminium and mark-resistant stainless steel with black accents. Its modular design lets homeowners customise an appliance package to suit their lifestyle and the look of their kitchen.

For example, the fully built-in, 30-litre convection microwave provides a multi-purpose compact solution where space is at a premium, or acts as a versatile second oven.

A range of 30cm modules, including a barbecue grill/deep fryer, two-plate ceramic hob, a single wok and gas burner hob, provides the flexibility to create a personalised multi-fuel cooking centre.


Complementing the functions and styling of the rest of the Collection, the built-in espresso machine features a grinder, milk steamer, hot-water spout and programmable coffee dispenser.

A storage drawer beneath the coffee machine contains dishwasher-safe compartments for cups, saucers and accessories. It also has a basin for coffee grounds and a serving tray. A detachable stainless steel front allows for easy integration.

Electrolux Gallery also includes quiet and efficient canopy hoods, dishwashers, 60cm ovens, and a choice of 60cm, 80cm or 90cm cooktops.

For additional information, contact Electrolux Home Products (NZ) Ltd, phone (09) 573 2220, fax (09) 573 2360.

First published date: 12 October 2003

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