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Multiple jets and innovative settings make Kohler's new Solaro Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Bath invigorating and soothing

Comfort and joy


The relaxing and therapeutic properties of spa baths are well recognised. However, technology is constantly moving forward andin the case of spa baths these advances are geared towards increased consumer comforts.

This season, Kohler unveils a range of new designs including the Solaro Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Bath, says the head of the company'sAuckland design team, John Hatrick-Smith.

"The Solaro is the result of years of design and engineering work from Kohler's Auckland-based design studio," says Hatrick-Smith. "It is the realisation of a hydrotherapy dream that promises to deliver an exceptional spa bathing experience using design technology never before seen in this product setting."

Hydrotherapy massage is not new to Kohler who over six years ago launched the Evora hydrotherapy spa bath and with it a new approach to spa bathing.

"Following the release of Evora we were thinking about the next stage, how we could create an even greater experience that would offer all the therapeutic benefits of an invigorating massage but also be relaxing," says Hatrick-Smith.


The fusion of relaxation and invigoration is evident in the Solaro's design. This include such features as 8 flush-fitting jets that include rotary massage jets that target specific body zones. Created with the whole body in mind, Solaro also features a 16-jet air system that provides a wave massage to the under body. This system can be independently controlled to target stress spots such as feet and calves.

The choice of a remote control or built-in touch-control unit means that the Solaro's diverse range of settings are a fingertip away.

"The final touch for a bather's all round comfort and relaxation is the choice of features that are available with each of the three Solaro models," says Hatrick-Smith.

The Solaro Plus and the Solaro Elite both offer newly designed water delivery systems, such as jet cascades and a gentle waterfall, that provide therapeutic benefits to the neck and back.

"Solaro's contemporary lines teamed with features such as subtle mood lighting complement the modern bathroom setting," the designer says.

The Kohler brand is available from selected distributors nationwide. For more information, phone 0800 100 325. .

First published date: 23 August 2004

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