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Without leaving the comfort of their master suite, the owners of this home can meet the day bathed, dressed and refreshed


With a well-organized start to the day it's much easier to face the busy schedule ahead. For the couple who own this home, most days are full, so a smooth start makes all the difference.

Architect Greg Palmer was asked to design a master suite where both partners could get ready for the day without disturbing each other when schedules differed and without tripping over each other when they clashed.

"However, they also like to see each other and be able to talk together in the morning, so they didn't want bathrooms and dressing rooms that were completely separate," he says.

To achieve this, Palmer designed a wing of the house to incorporate a master bedroom with a bathroom that opens directly off it. The bathroom is large, with a soaking tub, a shower and two vanities, one for him and one for her.

This area also contains a breakfast bar with an undercounter refrigerator, and coffee and tea making facilities.


Opening off the main bathroom are two toilets and two closets, his adjacent to his vanity and hers close to her vanity. Both have a large cupboard that opens up to become a mirror. Hers contains a sink and dressing table, too. Both closets have access to a central dressing area where there's an island for laying out clothes, space for storage of luggage and a washing machine and dryer.

"This bathroom goes beyond the normal scope of such a space. For this couple, it is the centerpiece of their morning routine and in the evening it is a relaxing refuge in which they can unwind after a long or demanding day," the architect says.

Although the rest of the house is traditional in style, the owners wanted this retreat to be more modern, with a sleek, tailored look and plenty of storage areas so that surfaces could be kept clear and uncluttered.

"Mixing traditional and contemporary elements can be done very successfully. Here, by using only quality materials – such as the solid mahogany cabinetry and marble tiles – the master suite matches the style of the rest of the house. A few traditional touches introduced into the design – like the old-style exposed fittings beside the tub, the paneled doors and fluted lamps – reinforce this connection," he says.

Walls, ceiling and trims, all painted in the same subdued off-white color, pick up the rich creamy tones of the marble floor and countertops and add to the restful atmosphere of the suite.

First published date: 23 May 2004

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Credit List

Architect Gregory L Palmer, AIA, Harrison Design Associates (Atlanta, GA)
Contractor Mark A Palmer
Bath Balneo Sanos Ultra from Apex Supply
Vanity tops Statuary marble from Holloway Tile and Marble Fabricators
Cabinetry Mahogany, designed by Harrison Design Associates and Digger/Gibson
Basin White Kohler Caxton from Apex Supply
Faucets Etoile Polished Nickel from Waterworks
Shower fittings Etoile ceiling-mounted showerhead from Waterworks
Shower design Harrison Design Associates and Digger/Gibson
Shower stall Frameless with Thermasol steam unit from Apex Supply
Flooring Carrera marble, installed by Charles Ludwig
Wallcoverings Mahogany stained wood paneling
Toilet White Kohler Memoirs from Apex Supply
Lighting Palmer Hargrave from Jerry Pair & Associates
Accessories Crystal Rouge polished nickel from Waterworks