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Clearing the air

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For a quiet, efficient ventilation system that maintains a cool room temperature and doesn't impinge on work space, talk to Brightworks

Clearing the air


Keeping the air clean and cool in a commercial kitchen is important for hygiene and the health of staff. A ventilation system that performs these tasks and also offers increased headroom above work spaces has a clear advantage.

Brightworks is sole distributor of the German Wimböck ventilation system in New Zealand, says director Dean Francis.

"The Wimböck ceiling system offers efficient ventilation, focused lighting and comfortable working temperatures of between 19ºC and 24ºC," says Francis. "Its advanced convection displacement system uses thermal air currents from cooktops to guide stale air up to extraction units."

This avoids the need to force air through bulky canopies, allowing for smaller fans, less noise and increased energy efficiency.

"Because a Wimböck system doesn't have canopies, it can be set at a three-metre height, instead of the more traditional two-metre height, allowing chefs greater freedom of movement," Francis says. "The kitchen's design can also be more flexible, because equipment doesn't need to cluster around a single extraction point."


Brightworks also manufactures and installs complete stainless steel fitouts for commercial kitchens as well as a broad range of domestic stainless steel benchtops.

For more information, contact Brightworks Stainless, 130 Gracefield Rd, Lower Hutt, phone (04) 568 8883, fax (04) 568 8180. Email:

First published date: 23 August 2004

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