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Clean air policy

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To keep bathrooms free of steam and odours, specify the Xpelair DX200 Premier from Impel

Clean air policy


Apart from the frustration of trying to see reflections in a steamed-up bathroom mirror, unwanted water vapour also brings the likelihood that damp walls will gradually become mouldy.

With an Xpelair DX200 Premier from Impel New Zealand, steam and unwanted odours can be drawn quickly out of bathrooms, says national product manager Michelle Lim.

"This new extractor, with its clean-lined, clip-off front cover, is designed to be flush-mounted onto the wall of bathrooms, toilets or laundries," she says. "Its sleek design and white exterior will blend with most décors."

With a choice of three duct positions, the unit can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or ducted directly out of the bathroom for the most effective removal of steam.

To ensure long life, the DX200 Premier's motor is fully lubricated, and a thermal cut-out means it requires no maintenance, says Lim.


All models in the Premier range can be operated by a timer. They also feature finger guards for safety and a neon lamp to indicate when the fan is in operation.

For more information, contact Impel New Zealand, 4 Henderson Place, Penrose, Auckland 1006, phone 0800 432 333, fax 0800 432 222.

First published date: 03 September 2003

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