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Choosing the right colour palette for your home

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Interior and furniture designer Michelle Rohrer-Lauer shares her top home colour tips with us

Riveting Red


Michelle Rohrer-Lauer is an award-winning interior and furniture design professional and the founder of Michelle’s Interiors. She has been providing innovative and personalised design solutions to her clients for more than 30 years, which makes her an informative and expert source in all things design related.

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Choosing the right colour palette is one of the most important elements in home interior design. Incorporating bold colours can at first seem an intimidating task, but bright and daring hues can turn an ordinary room into a breathtaking work of art. Whether you add touches of colour to a space with accessories, fabrics or furnishings, or paint an entire wall a striking shade, adding pops of colour will create eye-catching 'wow factor' in your home.

Bold colour can add a splash of your own personality to a room, creating a mark of authenticity unique to your household. Colour can boost your self-confidence, start intriguing conversations, and even make friends and family feel more vibrant and energised.

The room where your family spends most of their time is the perfect place to start. If this is the living room, do not be afraid to use an outstanding shade of pink or red. These colours are known for their stimulating, dramatic effects and will make for an exhilarating environment. Or, if you prefer more calming, soothing tones to set the vibe of a space, bold hues of green and blue are stunning options. A brilliant coloured backdrop such as bright wallpaper or colorful draperies creates an eye-popping statement, while simultaneously generating a focal point.


No matter which fabulous, bold tones you choose, decorating with an unabashed yet well-crafted measure of spectacular colour will surely transform your home into an awe-inspiring abode.

First published date: 08 May 2017

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