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Character study

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Whether you prefer the subtle approach or a more lively look, Resene paint colours can define your home's character

Character study


Colour is one of the most dramatic ways to transform your home – it can enhance its visual appeal and change the way you feel.

The Resene Total Colour System makes it easy to choose the best shades for your project. Resene has formulated colour charts and a fandeck of swatches that tells you what works with what.

The Range fandeck, for example, is published annually and features more than 150 different shades that reflect local and international trends. And for each colour on the fandeck, there are three suggestions of complementary shades that will work well together.

Resene's website also offers advice on different ways to use colour. In addition, it provides case studies that illustrate how homeowners and designers have used colour successfully.

Resene marketing manager Karen Warman says the Resene Inspiration Gallery showcases everything from bedrooms to exteriors, and is an ideal way to get decorating ideas. The company also welcomes new submissions from decorators with finished projects.


As different rooms in your home may require different paint treatments, Resene has a paint type to suit every application. Recent releases include Resene Zylone Spacecote, a low-sheen, low-odour, waterborne enamel, which is well-suited to kitchens, bathrooms and broadwall areas.

For more details, visit a Resene ColorShop or phone 0800 The Range (843 726). .

First published date: 23 August 2004

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