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Character building

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Traditional architectural detailing gives a lift to this kitchen crafted by Plato Woodwork

Character building


The impact of a finished room or space is frequently a result of many small details that may seem to be quite insignificant on their own.

Remodeling three small, separate rooms into one larger area created space for kitchen designer Tim Aden of Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design to plan this functional kitchen and family area. The owners also wanted their kitchen to complement the traditional style of the rest of the house, so Aden opted to demolish the original very basic kitchen cabinetry, which lacked interesting architectural details.

New cabinetry has applied beaded and molded details on the doors, turned posts on the island, and egg and dart-patterned crown molding where the tall cabinets meet the ceiling. Utilizing Plato's Personalized Custom™ program allowed the owners to coordinate every detail from the cherry wood countertop on the kitchen island to the mantel over the fireplace and the crown moldings.

Plato gave the cabinets a chiffon-colored finish then glazed them to create an aged look. Although the walls were removed between the three original rooms, the new space is still used for three different functions, and curved arches soften the line of the ceiling. To tie these curves into the kitchen, the cherry wood island countertop and the bar between the kitchen and dining area are curved.

For over 100 years, Plato Woodwork has provided a wide variety of design possibilities through custom products that are precision engineered using the latest technology. Each kitchen is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


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First published date: 24 August 2003

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