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Casting the right bait

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A well considered lighting design can enhance the street appeal and atmosphere of your business. Advice, fittings and a commercial lighting design service are available from Cetnaj Stronglink

Casting the right bait


There are many factors that contribute to a restaurant's success. Quality food, the obvious drawcard, supported by mood-enhancing atmosphere can reinforce customer enjoyment.

An effective lighting solution, installed throughout the dining and kitchen areas of recently renovated restaurant, The Fish Grotto, was an important part of the refurbishment brief, says Cetnaj Stronglink product manager, Jeff Lawrence.

"The installation of blue LEDs along the window borders created an artistic, cool blue effect – an eye-catching addition to the restaurant's street frontage," he says.

Essential to the overall atmosphere, was the need for ambient lighting in the dining area. To achieve this, recessed halogen dichroic downlights were strategically positioned in a grid formation. In the evenings, the walls and ceilings are washed with soft illumination.

"This effect adds a distinctively warm and elegant setting that is visually pleasing and comfortable for diners. With dimmers attached to the light sources, staff can alter the level of light to suit the occasion," says Lawrence.


Hanging pendant fixtures were used as a complement to the recessed downlights. When combined with the light emanating from the aquarium built into the bar, and the light from the back of house, the pendants help create a brighter zone that highlights the service areas.

Because food preparation areas require different lighting solutions, Cetnaj Stronglink recommended fluorescent lighting. This provides excellent task lighting,with the advantage of meeting strict workplace health and safety regulations.

In the rear of the restaurant, which is better suited to hosting group parties, trapeze lighting was suggested.

"Trapeze lighting offers the flexibility to add or subtract light fittings as required. It was also chosen for ease of installation. The rear ceiling is concrete, so exposed conduits had to be avoided in order to keep clear lines," says Lawrence.

For further information, contact Cetnaj Stronglink, phone 0508 Cetnaj (238 652).

First published date: 13 February 2006

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