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Call of the sea – Large and luxurious bathroom by Jamie Drake

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Large and luxurious bathroom by Jamie Drake

Call of the sea – Large and luxurious bathroom by Jamie Drake Discover this article's resources 0


Any area can be enlarged by combining two rooms, but another option is to choose a palette of materials that creates a sense of spaciousness.

The owners of this home wanted to extend their bathroom to create a larger space that would accommodate two people, provide them with a spa-like experience, and have the same gracious proportions as the rest of the home.

Although the original bathroom was small, there was an adjacent closet, so designer Jamie Drake of Drake Design Associates suggested combining the two spaces into one.

"Following the renovation, the bathroom is large and luxurious, and its new layout and clean, minimal design and materials create an impression of spaciousness," says Drake.

The bathroom now includes an oversized bathtub, and a double shower enclosure with two shower heads.


"As a dramatic architectural gesture, the two pedestal sinks are framed by a freestanding, backlit wall clad in Ming Green mosaic tiles that feature an undulating pattern reminiscent of an ocean wave. Frameless, highly polished, stainless steel mirrors behind the two basins appear to be suspended in space," says the designer.

"When all other lighting in the bathroom is extinguished, the backlit wall glows like a distant horizon."

Tiles on the floor also feature a wave pattern, but slightly altered to create a sliver design.

"This has produced a wonderful dialogue with the wall tiles, and emphasises the organic feeling of the bathroom," says the designer.

Between the two basins, a bench made from repurposed paper is branded with a literary quotation, adding a touch of individuality.

Drake says this bathroom was intentionally designed so it doesn't relate to other rooms in the house, but instead stands alone, creating a sanctuary for the owners.

First published date: 19 July 2012

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Credit List

Interior designer Jamie Drake, Drake Design Associates (New York)
Builder Uberto
Bathtub Toto
Mirrors Kenneth Nilson
Basin, taps, shower fittings, shower, toilet Toto
Floor and wall tiles Sinuous mosaic pattern in Ming Green from the Musee collection, supplied by Artistic Tile
Lighting Jonathan Browning, Inc; chandelier by Abyu Lighting
Accessories Establishment New York
Drapes Toray Ultrasuede by Michael Tavano Design Story by Mary Webb Photography courtesy of Drake Design Associates