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Membership to IES: The Lighting Society allows established and emerging lighting designers to gain insight, education and recognition in a specialised community

Brilliance and shine


With 24 years' experience in the lighting industry,

Mike McGee is no stranger to IES: The Lighting Society. Aside from holding membership to the society for much of his time in the industry, McGee has been a part of the chapter management committee, organised lighting awards functions and, more recently, heading the team responsible for the IESANZ Lighting Convention.

As a manager at Aesthetics Lighting, McGee recognises the importance of nurturing young talent. He says that IES: The Lighting Society plays an essential role in providing education in the field, by organising industry seminars and conventions, as well as running courses in illumination engineering through Massey University in Albany.

"Lighting can become a lifetime vocation, so it is important to gain basic knowledge at an early stage. The Graduate Certificate in Science and Engineering (Lighting), run by president of IESANZ Roy Speed, provides a good foundation for this."

McGee says that for Aesthetics Lighting's experienced lighting consultants to perform well, they must immerse themselves in the art, science and culture of lighting, and IES provides this service.


As a recognised lighting designer, McGee has received a number of IES Lighting Design Awards for his work, including an award for Excellence in Design through to Final Execution, for the lighting of Auckland church St-Matthew-in-the-City.

"Without dedicated organisations like IES: The Lighting Society, lighting designers would find it difficult to gain any recognition for a job well done. The IES Lighting Design Awards provide an arena on which designers can measure themselves against the increasing standards of their compeers' entries. This continues to raise standards in the industry."

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First published date: 28 March 2008

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