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Bright outlook

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Two new office fitouts highlight the difference colour can make. Both projects on these pages feature paints from the Resene colour palette

Bright outlook


There's plenty of documented and anecdotal evidence that suggests a light, bright workplace makes for a more contented and focused work force.

It's a philosophy that has been put into practice by the two companies, whose premises are featured on these pages.

When Hamilton accountancy firm Staples Rodway refurbished its dated and dark office interior, architect Tim Horner from Chow:Hill was commissioned to create a light, modern environment. Walls were removed and spaces rearranged to optimise all available natural light.

Glass walls now allow plenty of light into the reception area, which is made even brighter by colour on the walls. Distinctive Bridey Farrell wallpaper is complemented by the bold, strong hues of Resene Pumpkin and Resene Pacifica.

The company says the careful melding of light and colour has embued the office with a light, modern persona, ensuring a better fit between the company culture and the walls that house it.


The second fitout on these pages, at Wood & Partners in Auckland, was designed by Jane Ayles-Bennett of Spaceworks. The interior of the land surveyance company features Resene acrylic systems tinted to hues of Resene Paprika, Resene Aubergine and Resene Afterburner. These warm shades are tied together by the popular neutral Resene Drought.

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First published date: 23 August 2004

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