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Bright lights, big city

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Custom designed solutions were paramount in the construction of the Sky City Convention Centre in the heart of Auckland

Bright lights, big city


Heavy foot traffic can quickly damage the floor of a large public building, creating not only an eyesore, but also a potential safety hazard.

To avoid this situation Advance Flooring manufactured and installed entry mats for the Sky City Convention Centre. They are designed to prolong the life of the floor, making them safer to walk on and keeping floors throughout the centre cleaner.

These Coral Tread II entry mats are made from materials which trap up to 5kg of dirt and six litres of water per square metre.

The mats were custom-made to fit around the centre's architectural features such as the pillars at the front door. Advance Flooring can shape the mats to fit any space, without affecting the structural integrity of the mat. In the Coral Tread II range there are 15 colours, with aluminium tread which can be powdercoated or anodised.

Regular maintenance will ensure the mat stays clean, without having to lift them. The company provides a five year warranty on all mats, regardless of the venue's size and foot traffic.


For information, contact Advance Flooring, 131 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland, phone (09) 634 4455, fax (09) 636 8118.

First published date: 10 December 2004

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