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Bright lights, big city

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Custom designed solutions were paramount in the construction of the Sky City Convention Centre in the heart of Auckland

Bright lights, big city


Fire protection is essential in any large building but while it must be present in every room, it should be unobtrusive on the eye unless it is required.

Wormald installed the fire alarms, sprinkler system, fire extinguishers and evacuation system for the entire Sky City convention centre. The building's constantly changing usage and occupancy required custom designed fire protection, says installation manager Mark Blakey.

Among the special requirements was a specific message on the evacuation sound system which related specifically to Sky City. This message needed to be heard on speakers throughout the building, a task complicated by the acoustic ceilings and split level floors.

"We had to coordinate closely with those installing the sound and lighting services so that we could install sprinklers in the right position, without damaging the ceiling," says Blakey.

Finishes include unobtrusive hose reel cabinets and discreet sprinklers in the decorative ceilings.


For further information, contact Wormald New Zealand, Private Bag, New Lynn, 6 Portage Rd, New Lynn, Auckland, phone (09) 826 1700, fax (09) 827 6133. .

First published date: 10 December 2004

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