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Bright LED lighting solutions from Lighthouse Lighting

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Decorative LED lights from Lighthouse Lighting

Bright LED lighting solutions from Lighthouse Lighting


Switching to LED lighting makes sense for many reasons, not least of all for the energy and cost savings. But there are alternatives to the standard LED downlights that are now flooding the market.

Decorative, European-designed LED lighting can transform your home aesthetically as well as practically. Lighthouse Lighting now offers LED pendants, ceiling buttons and wall lights that can make a strong design statement. All the lighting incorporates quality LED modules that give good light output for maximum comfort.

Peter Leong, general manager of Lighthouse Lighting, says there are experienced lighting design consultants at Lighthouse stores around the country who can help you with the lighting design of your home. All you need on hand are the architect's plans for your home, and an idea of the look you would like to create.

"Good lighting is not something best left to technicians, who rely mostly on LED downlights," he says. "Good decorative LED fixtures can provide so much more. Not only do they enhance the interior design of your home, they also provide comfort for the eyes with no glare, even light distribution, and the right amount of light. And with dimming features incorporated, you can adjust the light to suit your mood."

Leong says LED lights consume around 80% less power than standard incandescent lamps. They also last a very long time – around 20,000 to 30,000 hours – so it is easy to see the benefits to be gained from making the switch.


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First published date: 21 October 2013

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