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With options to suit any room in the house, ceramic tiles are a versatile flooring solution

Best foot forward


Tiles are a smart and practical flooring choice in the home. In addition to providing a durable, easy-care surface, they have a wide range of applications from bathrooms to kitchens, living areas and entranceways.

To help you make the best choice for your tiling project, product manager Renee Jacobsen from Jacobsen Creative Surfaces answers some common questions.

What should I consider when choosing tiles? It's important to look at the environment in which the tile is to be used and how much wear it will be subjected to. The type of tile you choose will also depend on whether it will be exposed to water and needs to be slip resistant, as may be the case in bathrooms and outdoor areas. Bear in mind that a slip resistant tile will have a more textured surface, which isn't as easy to clean.

What about aesthetic considerations? A room's existing colour palette and furnishings, as well as the look you wish to achieve, will affect your tile choice. Think about texture, colour and the size of tile that would work best. Large tiles with fewer grout joins will visually enlargen a room, as will a light colour.

What types of tiles are available? Popular choices include porcelain, glazed porcelain and ceramics. Porcelain tiles have a textured, honed or polished finish with the colour and pattern throughout the entire body of the tile, rather than just on the surface. Glazed porcelain tiles and ceramics have an easy-care glazed surface. The main difference between them is that glazed porcelain tiles have a much stronger base. Unlike stone and terracotta, these are not porous, so are a good low-maintenance, stain-resistant option for all areas.


What are the benefits of tiles? Made from a mixture of clays, sand and other natural substances, tiles are hard and strong, so they won't warp or bend. They form a hygienic and easy to clean surface, and are non-combustible.

In addition to tiles, Jacobsen Creative Surfaces has a wide range of hard-flooring options and products for total bathroom solutions.

For further details, contact Jacobsen Creative Surfaces or visit one of the company's showrooms. Auckland: 228 Orakei Rd, Remuera, phone (09) 524 1460; Home Zone, 60 Constellation Drive, North Shore, phone (09) 476 1860; Wellington: 191 Thorndon Quay, phone (04) 495 4300; Christchurch: 314 Manchester St, phone (03) 377 2069. Email:

First published date: 24 August 2003

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