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Bespoke solutions resolve roofing and cladding issues

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Individually designed metal roofing and cladding are the speciality of Metal Design Solutions

Bespoke solutions resolve roofing and cladding issues


As a large school catering for the educational needs of students between the ages of five and 18, St Cuthbert's College has grown over the years and now includes a substantial number of different buildings ranging from classrooms to arts and sports facilities. One of the objectives of the building programme has been to maintain a sense of continuity between these various buildings.

This has been achieved in part by repeating materials used on older buildings in the newer ones. Cladding and roofing are a good example of this, and Metal Design Solutions was asked to supply a selection of products for wall cladding, roofing and window flashings.

"Most of these products are bespoke," says Jan Alberts, co-director of Metal Design Solutions. "This allowed us to work closely with the architect to design, supply and install materials that would help the new buildings to fit unobtrusively into on the campus," he says.

Metal Design Solutions supplied copper for the wall cladding, and the whole complex has a titanium zinc roof. The company also provided black stainless steel flashing to all windows, including bay windows. By using pre-oxidised copper and pre-aged titanium zinc the company ensured the buildings quickly looked as if they had always been part of the school environment.

"A project such as this, involving many subcontractors, is always challenging, but any issues were resolved by strong and efficient project management from Dominion Constructors," says Alberts.



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First published date: 09 June 2012

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