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Bending the rules

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There is much more to glazing than flat panes – Glasshape lets you think outside the square

Bending the rules


C urved glass can add a new aspect to the impact of your home design - and create the street appeal that makes it stand out from the neighbours.

Although it may sound tricky to design and install, Glasshape makes it easy, specialising in shaping and curving glass for both residential and commercial projects. In the home, its products can be used for bay and feature windows, balustrading, skylights, barrel vault entrances, conservatories and partitioning.

The architect of the home pictured here used Glasshape's curved glass to emphasise the contoured, rounded lines of this design. The home features curved glass balustrades on its surrounding balconies, which echo and highlight the feature window on the top floor.

As well as being used decoratively, curved glass can play a functional role by increasing the sense of space in a room and making the most of panoramic views.

The wide bay window in the living-area of this home, allows for 180° views, as well as increasing the overall size of the room. It also provides another strong decorative feature for the house from the street, while reflecting the colours and hues of the surrounding environment.


Curved bay windows such as these require minimal framework, so they are easy to install and maintain.

Curved glass can be used elsewhere in the house. Shaped kitchen windows, for example, can create a conservatory ambience. Glazed barrel vaults, enclosing an entrance way or capping an atrium, add a sense of drama to any home. When used as balustrading, curved glass can help create a grand, sweeping staircase.

Bending glass requires both craftsmanship and technology. Glasshape's experienced staff begin with flat sheets of glass, then apply heat and gravity to shape them. The company has developed techniques that allow it to bend most types of glass, which can then be laminated or double-glazed.

For further details, contact Glasshape, PO Box 112-038, Penrose, Auckland, phone (09) 525 7010.

First published date: 22 October 2004

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