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Bend the rules

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Keeping the sight lines clear was a priority for the architect who designed this home – hence the curved glass balustrades from Glasshape

Bend the rules


Maximising views while offeringprotection from wind can be a conundrum for those building homes on coastal or sloping terrain.

The architect who designed this beachside house retained full access to the panoramic views by specifying TemperShield curved frameless glass balustrades from Glasshape.

An Auckland-based specialist glass manufacturer, Glasshape provides curved, toughened and acoustic-rated glass products – fully certified to building standards – to residential and commercial projects all around New Zealand.

For this house, the subtly curved lines of the balustrades are as much an architectural feature as they are a functional solution. These sweeping lines are also repeated inside, with an internal staircase that again showcases the aesthetic benefits of curved glass.

Glasshape has developed special techniques that allow it to bend almost any type of glass. Its products can be double-glazed for insulation, or laminated for use as grade-A certified safety glass.


Glasshape products can also be used for bay and feature windows, cabinetry, balustrades, skylights, barrel vault entrances, conservatories and partitioning.

Bending glass requires both craftsmanship and technology. Glasshape staff begin with flat glass sheets of the highest possible quality, before applying extreme heat to obtain the required curvature.

For more details, contact Glasshape, PO Box 358 Warkworth, Auckland, phone (09) 422 2565, fax (09) 422 2566.

First published date: 27 April 2007

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