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The simple lines of contemporary, minimalist architecture often belie a complex construction. This new home, built by Mitchell Homes, is no exception

Behind the scenes


To keep the house warm and cosy during the winter, fireplaces have been installed into both the family living space and the formal living room.

The bold, contemporary stainless steel styling of Warmington gas and wood-burning fireplaces from Fires By Design were chosen to complement the home's modern architecture. The fires combine the traditional appeal of an open fire with up-to-date styling, efficiency and easy maintenance.

Fires By Design also designs and makes traditional-style, black fireplaces and a selection of fires suitable for your outdoor living areas.

Standard Warmington fires range from 440mm wide, ideal for villas, to 1500mm-wide for a modern look. Alternatively, Fires By Design can custom-design a fireplace for your home, replace an existing firebox or create a new cavity.

The company's technical consultants can help homeowners and architects decide between an open gas fire or a wood-burning fire. Both can be stand-alone or installed into an existing cavity.


Contact Fires By Design, 47 Sir William Ave, East Tamaki, Auckland, phone (09) 273 9227, fax (09) 273 9241. Email: .

First published date: 03 May 2005

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