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Behind the scenes at Shed 10

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Quantity surveyor Maltbys work on Shed 10

Behind the scenes at Shed 10


There are always unforeseen costs involved in redevelopment projects, and Shed 10 on Queen's Wharf was no exception.

Gary Townsend, director of quantity surveyor firm Maltbys, says the company had provided cost estimates for the project that were proven to be highly accurate when tenders were received.

"What we had not foreseen, however, was the need to renegotiate all of the subcontractor contracts when the lead builder Mainzeal went into receivership. Waterfront Auckland, the owner of Shed 10, wanted to proceed with the project as fast as possible, so it made sense to continue with the existing subcontractors. However, there were many issues to be sorted relating to their payment – we worked closely with the new builder, Macrennie Commercial Construction, to resolve this."

Townsend says the company had a contingency budget to cover hidden costs.

"In any project involving a heritage building, there will be things that crop up, and you cannot identify all of these in advance. The major unforeseen costs in this project related to the age of the building, and the fact that nothing was square."


Townsend says Maltbys has a long history, quantity surveying many different types of commercial projects, from hotels and highrises to stadiums and town centres. The firm's list includes unusual projects, such as an intercontinental ballistic missile station on Christmas Island and the Motonui gas-to-gasoline plant. "We have always focused on versatility, and have ensured we have the expertise for developments that are out of the ordinary."

To contact Maltbys, PO Box 2176, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, phone (09) 303 4394, fax (09) 307 1034. Email: .

First published date: 06 October 2013

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