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Behind closed doors

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Secure door-locking in hotels, motels and guest lodges is possible with the smart technology built into the VingCard from Levco

Behind closed doors


Making guests feel secure is a top priority in the hospitality industry. The advent of key cards significantly improved door-locking security and has added to many hotels' efficiency and reporting processes.

First introduced in 1979, the VingCard mechanical and electronic card locking systems are both security devices and an effective management tool, says Levco managing director Mike Levestarn.

"The systems can be individually configured to create customised reports from a database, tracking up to 400 transactions in the lock with Smart Card technology," he says. "It provides custom control of who, where and when throughout the hotel."

The electronic system can be programmed with the date and time to control entry into guest rooms, pools, lifts and parking facilities, as well as after-hours entrances and employee access areas.

The windows-based, menu-driven software is modular and easy to upgrade. It can be installed on existing computer networks or with the new touch screen. It is also possible to network and interface the system with PMS and POS programmes.


Extra features offer group check-in and suite configuration. Future applications will include vending machine use, loyalty programmes and hotel chain data files.

For further information, contact Levco Agencies, PO Box 1219, Wellington, phone (04) 474 0612, fax (04) 471 0316.

First published date: 03 September 2003

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