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Beachside high-rise

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Multi-storey residential developments are transforming many beach suburbs. The Nautilus, developed by Cornerstone, is the first such building in Orewa

Beachside high-rise


The traditional concept of a bach by the beach has changed dramatically over the past few years. Many people are looking for a little more comfort on holiday, and others are looking for a more permanent beachside home. For both these groups, minimal maintenance is also a priority.

Not surprisingly, the development of high-rise beachside apartments has provided an alternative solution for these groups. The first such building in Orewa is Cornerstone's Nautilus development – an upmarket 12-storey apartment complex designed by Walker Architects.

The exterior of the Nautilus has a distinctive aerofoil shape, which points to the ocean and captures the sense of the marine location. With its green-tinted glass and the silvery-grey roof underbelly, the design is reminiscent of a fish.

Each living area and adjoining terrace has extensive views of the beach and gulf, with interiors also designed to reflect the location.

On-site amenities include a fully equipped gym, running track lagoon-style pool and spa.


For more details, contact Cornerstone Group, 372 Rosedale Rd, Albany, Auckland, phone (09) 415 4490, fax (09) 415 3300. Or visit the .

First published date: 10 December 2004

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