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Bathroom design trends for 2014

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Key bathroom trends are discussed by exhibitors at Home Ideas Centre

Bathroom design trends for 2014


Homeowners are taking an increasing interest in bathroom design, as they seek to create a relaxing haven. And one of the best ways to keep up with trends is to talk to exhibitors at Home Ideas Centre.

Lucan Donovan and Andrew Burns from St Michel have recently returned from this year's Milan Furniture Design Fair. They say textured Melamine woodgrains are in vogue as they offer a natural look and environmental benefits.

"The other exciting trend is solid surface vanity tops. Although not new, these slim-profile benchtops are being engineered in an array of colours, and are usually matched with sleek ceramic inlay or under-counter basins. Handles are disappearing in favour of seamless drawer fronts, creating a clean, streamlined look."

Jennifer Price from GWA says that bathrooms are being designed to allow clients to stay in their homes as long as possible. This means they cater to people with limited mobility. Multi-use shower systems are also being installed to meet the needs of all members of the family.

Price says many bathrooms feature soft, organic designs. And colours include warm, earthy palettes and day-spa looks. On another level, mood and LED lighting create drama for many new bathrooms.


For details, visit the Home Ideas Centre in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

First published date: 03 August 2014

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