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Bathing beauty

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The right fixtures can help create the perfect bathroom, and allow you to rediscover the fine art of bathing

Bathing beauty


In ancient Greek and Roman times, bathing was a social and recreational event, involving many elaborate rituals.

We still enjoy some of these rituals today when we visit a spa, and can indulge ourselves with a similar sense of luxury at home, says Shelley Brockliss, design manager at Yellowfox.

"Turning bathing into a ritual promotes good health and peace of mind. An increasing focus on bathroom design is seeing a resurgence of the indulgent aspect and the right mix of design and products can transform a dreary space into a room full of vitality.

"Consider the Toulouse bathtub by Victoria & Albert, and available through Robertson. This double-ended bateau bath has simple lines and an elegant flow, making it a timeless piece of bathroom furniture. It fits into both traditional and contemporary schemes," says Brockliss. "Bathing in a beautiful tub like the Toulouse can transport us back to a time when the bathroom was a temple of relaxation."

Every Victoria & Albert freestanding bath and basin is made from 100% Quarrycast, a naturally white material rich in volcanic limestone, and hand-finished by craftsmen.


"With an optimum use of space and an appropriate colour palette, complemented by the judicious selection of a statement piece, such as the Toulouse, you can add huge value to your home," Brockliss says. "That's where the services and expertise of a company such as Robertson prove invaluable."

To contact Robertson, 25 Vesty Drive, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1072, phone (09) 573 0490. .

To contact Yellowfox, 49 Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, phone (09) 525 3450. .

First published date: 01 May 2011

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