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Bathing au naturel

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With its open-ended design and pebble floor, this bathroom is ideally suited to beachside living


Combining indoor and outdoor living is a frequent design requirement, but the concept takes on a whole new meaning for the owners of this house.

In designing this poolside bathroom for his own property, architect David Hertz wanted to reinforce the overall design rationale of the house – the merging of interior and exterior living spaces.

Hertz says the design was influenced by traditional Balinese houses that are like pavilions opening up to the outdoors.

"For this bathroom, that connection is provided by a sliding glass door at one end. When the door is open, it is tucked out of sight and the entire bathroom is open to the outdoors," he says. "A bamboo plant and three-quarter wall provide a degree of privacy."

To further reinforce the natural look, one wall is lined with Syndecrete concrete tiles laid in an irregular pattern – some tiles are set more deeply than others.


River pebbles surrounding concrete pavers also enhance the natural, outdoor feel of the room.

"Using exterior materials, such as concrete for the walls and ceiling provides another connection between the inside and out," says Hertz.

First published date: 23 January 2006

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Credit List

Architect David Hertz, AIA, David Hertz Architects (Santa Monica, CA)
Interior designer Stacy Fong, Syndesis
Basin Boffi
Taps and shower fittings Vola
Shower stall Custom Syndecrete concrete slabs and tiles
Flooring Syndecrete pavers with beach rocks
Lighting Elco cans