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Bathed in light

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Brighten your renovation project with a selection of light fittings from Lighting Direct

Bathed in light


W hether you're shaving, applying make-up or styling your hair, it is important to have the right type of carefully positioned lighting in your bathroom.

For optimum effect, it's best to layer different forms of lighting, says Dean Fulford, general manager of Lighting Direct.

"Task lighting over mirrors should be bright enough for grooming, but not too harsh. Well-chosen general lighting allows good overall illumination of the bathroom, while indirect accent lighting softens the ambience with a warm glow," he says.

The ensuite bathroom and main bathroom pictured here both feature the same minimalist-styled light fittings.

Nova 16-watt T5 fluorescent lights above each mirror provide focused illumination and complement the bathrooms' geometric forms. The T5 tubes have options for better colour rendering and a fluorescent source ensures a good even distribution of light, says Fulford.


Waterproof, square satin 50W downlights in the ceiling above the shower and bath add a general wash of light.

"Steam can get into light fittings and damage the circuitry. These lights have an International Protection 54 rating, certifying their weatherproofing and durability – a must for steamy bathrooms," he says.

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First published date: 07 May 2004

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