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Concrete, metal and glass softened by colour and texture, provide a dramatic backdrop for the Britomart Transport Centre

Back on track


The 1.2 million hours of labour that went into building New Zealand's first underground railway station illustrates the sheer scale of the new Britomart Transport Centre. A construction firm with the ability to handle a project of this size and complexity was crucial to a successful outcome.

Experience and knowledge put Downer Construction in good stead to take on the $199 million contract. The extent of the work included building the new railway station and glasshouse link, the restoration of the former Chief Post Office and the remodelling of Queen Elizabeth Square.

The contract for the underground station included the excavation of up to 190,000m3 of soil and the laying of 40,000m3 of concrete. It also included the construction of 7km of railway track, three railway platforms with five rail lines and 11 cone-shaped skylights. Project manager, Greg Dodd says Downer Construction's carefully co-ordinated programme ensured that hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers worked together to get the work completed on time and within budget. The firm's close relationship with the Auckland City Council and architects also played an important role.

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First published date: 03 September 2003

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