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Concrete, metal and glass softened by colour and texture, provide a dramatic backdrop for the Britomart Transport Centre

Back on track


As Britomart is the only underground railway station in the world designed to accommodate diesel trains, metal surfaces that would withstand corrosion and grime build-up were essential.

NZF Stainless worked closely with the architects to specify a range of stainless steel products and finishes, providing a combination of durability and aesthetics, says the company's architectural manager Todd Lindsay. These included coloured and textured stainless steel sheet, polished pipe, mirror-polished sheet, gratings and meshes.

The company also supplied the five tonnes of 316L grade stainless steel BA finish used to clad the trunks of artist Michael Parekowhai's tree sculpture which rises into the glass atrium. This aspect of the project presented a unique challenge that involved inventing a methodology for embossing a three-dimensional bark pattern, taken from a photographic image, onto stainless steel, says Lindsay.

"For the project, NZF utilised the knowledge of our UK-based supplier, Rimex Metals, who had been extensively involved in the London Underground's Jubilee line refurbishment."

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First published date: 03 September 2003

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