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Concrete, metal and glass softened by colour and texture, provide a dramatic backdrop for the Britomart Transport Centre

Back on track


Atotal of 150,000 blocks were laid throughout the project. AJ Russell Bricklayers and Aotea Paving were awarded the blockwork contract which included the walls of the air pleaums, all the utility rooms, stairwells, bases for the platforms and substructure for the curved, raking, water feature wall.

The companies also completed the terrazzo work on all the concourses and platforms, as well as supplying and installing all the terrazzo stairs and lift bases. Devising a system that took a practical approach to construction was essential, says AJ Russell Bricklayers.

For example, all the materials, including the blocks, concrete and stair treads had to be manhandled into place, despite weighing up to 120kg a piece. With such a high stone content, the concrete could not be pumped, so a conveyor was used to transport it across the platforms. A stair-climbing hand cart was an effective way to manoeuvre many of the large, precast stair treads into place.

For further information, contact AJ Russell Bricklayers and Aotea Paving, PO Box 17-094, Greenlane, Auckland, phone (09) 526 5800, fax (09) 526 5801. Email: Website: www.


First published date: 03 September 2003

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