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Concrete, metal and glass softened by colour and texture, provide a dramatic backdrop for the Britomart Transport Centre

Back on track


The station's impressive structure comprises a box-like form connected to a 430m-long tunnel. It is designed to be watertight.

Dominion Constructors designed and supplied the formwork for the various concrete elements found throughout the station. These included the radial concrete roof beams to the roof – which are now covered in mesh and glass – and the exterior concrete walls and upstanding beam walls. Dominion Constructors also completed concrete works to the former CPO concourse, fabricated the retaining walls of the access tunnel and completed subgrade work and all concrete structural work for the platforms. This was in preparation for the application of a terrazzo finish, which was completed by sister company Aotea Paving.

The construction of single-sided walls and second lifts to walls to the exterior posed challenges. However, specialist formworks systems that allowed a two-day turnaround for the construction of 12m-long by 6.6m-high walls ensured the project was completed on time and to budget.

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First published date: 03 September 2003

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