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Concrete, metal and glass softened by colour and texture, provide a dramatic backdrop for the Britomart Transport Centre

Back on track


A critical part of any project is keeping the water out. To achieve this objective, waterproofing specialists Waterproofing Services tendered for and won the contract to install a variety of systems throughout Britomart.

In many of the projects it undertakes, the company works with architects to find the most suitable systems, in terms of cost and effectiveness.

To waterproof the tunnel and station at Britomart, Waterproofing Services' director Fred Alarcon says his company used a system based on bentonite, a special volcanic clay that was imported from Liverpool, England. This clay swells up to 16 times its normal volume when moisture gets into it, then shrinks back to its usual state when it dries out.

"The big advantage of this system was that it adheres to the tunnel's uneven rock face. Concrete, which forms the internal walls of the station, was then poured over the bentonite clay," says Alarcon.

Waterproofing Services also applied eight other waterproofing systems, all backed by warranties, to other parts of the station, former CPO and concourse leading to Queen Elizabeth Square.


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First published date: 03 September 2003

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