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Featuring local materials and motifs, this sprawling house is a serene, meditative oasis


Individual needs and tastes of homeowners make each home unique. While one can be a personal and warm space fit for a demanding family, the other can be a mansion that serves as a transitional home between two destinations.

ABM Architects designed Jindal House for the latter purpose. A sprawling house surrounded by lush landscape, it has been custom built in Rishikesh as a stopover for a large family on a pilgrimage to the town of Haridwar.

Situated on a 0.6ha plot, the home is built over an area of 1672m² and has six bedrooms, two kitchens, two guest rooms, two living rooms as well as attached bathrooms. The separate guest wing is designed to act as an independent space that can be isolated when the rest of the house is not in use.

"The key needs were that the house should have a beautiful connecting landscape and not appear inward," says architect Alfaz Miller, founder of ABM Architects.

Expansive lawns, elaborate etchings on stone and wood inspired by local motifs, long passageways and extensive use of natural materials and textures give this home an earthy yet opulent feel.


A driveway becomes an extension of the design and uses Jaisalmer chips, red Agra and white river stone in different patterns. River finish black granite has been used to define walkways on the side.

Other natural materials, such as Ita Gold, Dholpur and natural stone mosaic have been used throughout the house.

At the main entrance of the house, pillars engraved in a landscape pattern have been installed as screens to shade the bedrooms behind.

"We intentionally used as many natural materials available to us as possible, since the challenge was to execute a project of this quality in the small town of Rishikesh," says the architect.

The interiors reflect an affinity with Indian cultural practices and decorating styles. Prolific use of Indian art, regional accessories and intricate traditional handiwork heightens the effect.

The focal space is perhaps an informal living room called the gadda room, featuring Indian-style seating called baithak, that forms the heart of the house. Styled with multiple, oversized mattresses covered in white, it is a family room during the day and is used as a bedroom for children at night when there is an overflow of guests.

The dining and powder rooms are adjacent to the baithak and also overlook the entrance courtyard.

For more formal occasions, a living room equipped with entertainment systems is used.

First published date: 03 May 2011

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Credit List

Architects Alfaz Miller, Riyaz Himany for ABM Architects
Design team Susan Chacko, Sachin Tyagi
Cladding Dholpur, Ita Gold
Roof RCC
Windows and doors Window Windows
Furniture Custom designed
Treatments Lacquer coat
Tiling Natural stone
Material Caramos mosaic
Paints Asian Paints
Lighting Wipro, customised
Kitchen Jindal modular kitchens
Cabinets Custom made
Finish Veneer
Splashback Artificial marble
Kitchen appliances Siemens
Bathroom accessories Kohler
Hot water systems Racold
Flooring Artificial marble, Caramos
Bedroom suite Custom-made
Paving Ita Gold
Sculpture John Bowman