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The integration of kitchens into open-plan areas has placed a greater emphasis on aesthetics. Functionality, however, is still the key ingredient

At the heart


There is no denying that in the looks department the hitherto humble kitchen has come a long way. Contemporary tastes have seen the kitchen evolve from a stand-alone, utilitarian space into an area that takes pride of place.

Eye-catching design has joined functionality as a hallmark of a modern kitchen, says Yellowfox designer Andrea White.

"As a space, the kitchen has become more integral to day-to-day living and it is not unusual for every member of the family to use the kitchen equally. This change in focus has not just had an effect on the visual design of kitchens, but also on their versatility."

While the three kitchens featured on these pages differ vastly in look, they all exemplify form and function.

The bar featured on the facing page services a corporate seminar room, and has been styled to resemble an inner-city venue.


"The extensive use of mirrors and mirrored laminate, coupled with the city skyline, gives the space all the glitz of a downtown bar," says White.

"The galley design provides a comfortable space for people to congregate, while still defining the boundary of the working kitchen area. This makes the space equally suitable for casual, after-work drinks, or more formal occasions that require bar staff."

The designer show kitchen featured on this page represents the innovative design approach that highlights the contemporary ideal of aesthetics and functionality.

"The purpose of this kitchen is to showcase to our clients the top-of-the-line kitchen products and hardware in an innovative design," says White.

Items such as the pull-out serving trolley, drawers, and trays all speak to the functionality of the kitchen, while also complementing the contemporary aesthetic. Natural hues in the benchtops and Bestwood natural timber veneer – in Australian blackwood – warm up the otherwise neutral colour palette, says White.

The kitchen on this page was designed by Mal Corboy Kitchen Design for Decoglaze – a manufacturer of glass products for a variety of residential and commercial applications. The bold colours are indicative of a move towards fun and frivolity in kitchen design, says Darrell Whiteman of Decoglaze.

"This kitchen was designed as a concept, with the goal of stopping people in their tracks. It gives people a graphic indication of what can be achieved.

"As well as the arresting colour scheme, the kitchen's functionality, with its ample storage and easy access, made it a big hit," says Whiteman.

Yellowfox specialises in providing design services for all residential projects, along with interior and exterior colour schemes. An emphasis on building strong associations within the industry means if there is anything Yellowfox can't provide, the company is able to refer clients to another industry professional.

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First published date: 13 August 2007

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