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Create a welcoming pathway to your front door at dusk, with the range available from Lighting Direct

Architectural highlights


Architecture has been described as frozen-music. Yet at night, without adequate lighting, it can seem as if the world has gone deaf. Whole neighbourhoods can disappear in the dark, with visitors left to stumble along driveways, their car headlights their only source of light.

However, when attention is paid to creating exterior lighting, the effect can be both powerful and inviting, says Lighting Direct general manager Dean Fulford.

"Exterior recessed wall lights and in-ground halogen lights can do more than just illuminate a pathway to the front door. These lights cast a non-intrusive, minimalist glow that highlights the architectural features of the home."

The Eurolight halogen series featured are waterproof 35W low-voltage exterior fittings. These are used for uplift lighting in driveways and on separate outdoor areas.

On the stairway, square halogen step lights are installed. These energy efficient fittings feature 20W low-voltage halogen lamps. These are usually placed on the third step on top of the stair tread.


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First published date: 05 July 2005

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